Content Marketing

Traditional marketing is losing effectiveness by the day, and as a forward-thinking marketer, you have to find a more effective way. This is where a concept like content marketing comes in.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience- and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Why is content marketing so important?

Content marketing is all about bringing value to your target audience. This is what differentiates it from any other form of marketing or advertising. Content marketing takes into consideration what people are seeking out and what they want to consume. This ultimately benefits your company because you get to save costs while getting increased sales. You also get better customers who have more loyalty from your lead generation activities.

Our variety of tools make content marketing tangible. This is because, through the analytics, you can see the footprint that your ideas are producing. Whether you are using our email editor, the landing page builder, or any other tool that we provide, you can communicate the idea of your content marketing approach. Content is definitely the present – and the future – of marketing. 

The Tools of Trade

When leveraging our marketing automation tools, here are some tools-of-trade that help you in the content creation process:

Identity your story

You need to set the target before you shoot. Understanding what you want to achieve at the end helps you create content that is more relevant and valuable. Marketing automation platforms are like the ingredients you need in the kitchen. They are different parts working together to help you deliver content to your audience.

Know the pieces 

Various pieces come together in creating content for marketing purposes. Understanding each piece is important so that you can get the most out of it. Some of the marketing elements you can utilise include emails, landing pages, chatbots, and social media platforms. 

Define what success looks like 

Content marketing has expanded over the years, and it is now covering multiple platforms. The fact that you can use many avenues in marketing means that you need to have a clear idea of what you are aiming for.

You need to establish a way to track your engagement levels and a way to attribute your success back to your efforts. This means that you should have some set goals or KPIs to help you know when you are doing well and when you need to make some changes and do better. 

Case Study

Our case study is a marketing company that has been in existence for several decades. They have had to change their approaches to marketing over the years so that they can remain relevant. They initially focused on traditional marketing, but with the technological advancements and the internet, they moved to Internet marketing. 

Covid-19 made them go back to the board and write up new plans for the business, as well as look at the future of their business in the future. Through this, they were able to come up with various content parts and ended up writing five books. The content of the books came from webinars they had carried out, which opened up a new way for them to create content. 

One webinar was on ‘Marketing out of your Cabana.’ In this webinar, they took potential customers, business owners, and marketing professionals through what would happen during the Covid-19 pandemic and after Covid, in terms of outcomes. 

In a crisis and after a crisis, some businesses will win, and some will lose. Losers will focus on cutting costs, fear, and not changing any of their processes. Winners, on the other hand, will use a time of crisis to change their business.

After the pandemic, the winners will be those businesses driven by digitalisation and practised financial discipline as a priority. These three components are the determining factors for whether a business succeeds or fails after a crisis.

Driven by digitalisation 

In digitalisation, using the right tools is crucial versus inventing the wheel. You need to clean out your database and decide on the marketing tools that are most useful for you in carrying out your content marketing. In the end, the efficiency that comes from doing this will create higher quality by lowering costs. 


Financial discipline 

The big question on financial discipline focuses on what you can reuse. If you once wrote content, you can reuse or repurpose it in several ways. You can use different blocks of various content and create a single content piece that will be useful to your audience. You could also take one piece of content and break it down into several content blocks. 

Financial discipline

To reuse content during your fully-automated customer journey, you can adopt a buyer persona and consider each step of the buyer’s journey. 

Marketing automation means that you can make one flow and reuse it for the next five years. This allows for financial discipline because reusing previous content will be cheaper than creating new content. You need to know when to lean in on familiarity and when to lean in on innovation for your marketing strategy. 

You need to use marketing as an investment, and not as a cost. Good marketing should end with more leads and low costs, rather than higher costs at the end. Marketing automation helps you lower your overall costs and focus on the crucial aspects of your marketing campaigns. To practice financial discipline, invest in what is durable, focus on your customer journey, and try to incur lower costs at the endpoints. 

Marketing as Investment



Treat your business like a Top Sport

When you are doing extreme sports, you start with simpler challenges before going to the harder ones. In the same way, you need to measure and track your performance. Set your KPIs and train yourself to achieve a higher target every time. You can use your numbers to compare different channels and identify the next step you need to take. It also helps you set up your goals for the future. 

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done. If there is something that is not working,  try something new to get a better outcome. Take on a learning attitude and get out of your comfort zone. Set measurable targets, and think beyond the current circumstance. 

Track your business

How to stimulate interactive contact 

To create valuable, relevant, and consistent content, you have to dive into your target audience and find what holds value for them. Marketing automation provides functionality that helps you create real, relevant content.

Build trust with your existing leads, and automate follow-ups and appointments. Be an ambassador and create ambassadors to push out your content.

Traditional marketing and advertising are great for creating awareness about your product. Content marketing taps into the buying process by educating consumers about a product and offering them information they may have never considered before.

Content marketing also has the added benefit of supporting other forms of digital marketing. It contributes to SEO efforts by helping you generate genuine inbound links and developing quality content that gets found in search engines. It also provides more content for online marketing.

Getting started

As you have seen, content marketing can be a very beneficial aspect of your marketing strategy. Let Munro Agency, a company experienced in digital marketing and creating copy that sells, help you utilise content marketing to boost your revenue and increase your conversions. Give us a call today.