Optimising Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important aspect of marketing that simply cannot be ignored. It refers to any tactic that is used to attract people to your product or service and gather their contact information. Lead generation gives you a tangible record of the source, channel or initiative that is producing the best outcome. The more people you can connect with,  the higher the chances you have to create long lasting and sustaining relationships. Forms and landing pages are some of the concepts we use in lead generation and the sales process. 

Why is lead generation so important? 

Lead generation helps you identify the needs of your audience and provide insight on how you can help. You get to understand what exactly they are looking for so that you can offer what is most relevant to them. 

It also helps you know where your leads come from. You can then nurture them to convert by using tailored content. Being aware of the channels that bring you most leads helps you focus more on the areas that produce best results. 

Forms and Landing Pages

Munro Agency fits together forms and landing pages to help you get the most out of your lead generation activities.  We have a forms and landing page builder that allows you to customize your form sheets and landing pages to suit your brand and aesthetic preferences. 

Forms are a great tool to use because they let people initiate and provide you with information.  Using the Munro Agency form, when a person fills in the form, their information is immediately uploaded into your database. You can also use these forms to get a better understanding of who the people you are interacting with are. The essence of getting their information is to be able to capitalize on what they are attracted to and looking for. 

The Munro Agency form also helps you come up with a strategy that produces things that are most relevant to your customers, based on what they tell you about themselves.  

lead generation

Landing pages are just as useful when it comes to implementing your marketing strategy. They enable you to be more focused in presentation. Using a landing page, you can be more unique in your presentation. It gives you the ability to try something new and fresh. You need to be uniform when it comes to your primary domain but landing pages come with some level of freedom to try something different.  

You need to be aware of what you want to accomplish from a landing page, not just from an aesthetic or presentation stand point,  but also in terms of content.  There is a process base where you can use landing pages to create a funnel that allows you to have a very directed progression.  For example, if you have high value information on the second landing page, then you can have people fill a form in order to access it. In this case, both sides can benefit from the interaction. 

Something that landing pages provide that websites do not necessarily provide is the customization option.  You can leverage the customization tools we offer in your website. Our landing page tool is built to be user friendly so using the different tools can help you tailor the experience for each participant. As people come to the page for example, you can use merge variables to greet them or acknowledge things that we know about them. You can also use things like dynamic content to produce pieces that will have more impact on them. The result of this is that conversions will be elevated.  

Landing Page Best Practices 

A good landing page structure has:

A goal on the headline

One of the things you should focus on is limiting the landing page to a specific goal. The goal should be placed on the headline so that it can be visible to anyone who visits the landing page. Depending on the channel that brings people to your landing page, have a goal that is relevant to them. 

Minimal buttons or links

Too many buttons and links on the landing page will distract people and they end up missing the goal of the content. Have few buttons that are straight to the point and that guide people towards taking action. 

Limited to no menu bar

Just like having too many buttons on your page, a menu bar can also be a distraction. A menu bar refers to a graphical control element that has a drop down menu. It may create a barrier and prevent people from taking a step further on your page. 

Customer Success Stories or Badges 

Showing potential customers that your product has been useful to other people makes them want to try out what you have to offer. It establishes trust and draws them towards making a conversion. 

A personalized thank you page

Your focus should be on creating a user friendly experience. Customers and potential customers need to feel appreciated and a thankyou page does this. It makes leads more responsive to your marketing efforts when they get a personalized thank you page after filling a form. 

In-App Tour of the Form & Landing Page Builder 

One of the tools that Munro Agency offers is a form and landing page builder. This platform has a form styler where you can create your own-style templates in-app and then add them to your landing page.  

lead generation

lead generation

There is a field section where you can add to your fields. There are standard fields and custom fields that you can choose from. Most people use first name, last name and email as their fields. lead generation

The form also gives you the ability to adjust the styles for it. On the right is the live view of what the form will look like once it is done. You can create your style sheets on our platform according to your preference.  

Some of the style options that you can apply to your form sheets include background color, headers, labels, font color, font size, letter spacing, line height among others. You can customize every part of your form. You can see in real time what your style changes will do to the form sheet. When you are done editing, save your form. 

lead generation

Using our tool, you can take the same form and turn it into a landing page by using the landing page theme style. You can also maintain it as a form by using the form theme. This means that you have complete control of the branding and style of the form. 

lead generation

Case study

As a case study we will be looking at one company’s use of this tool. 

Prior to using the landing page tool, the company utilized a landing page that was very spread out with different goals. It was not very clear where a client should go once they get to the landing page. The landing page also did not have any focused content which means that people would have to look for information elsewhere.  

This funnel represents the strategy that the company was using, which was to build a lot of awareness, and hope that people convert. lead generation

After implementing the Munro Agency landing page, we were able to make their landing page more effective.  We helped them change their funnel strategy,  where we added a nurture aspect. This is where different forms are created with specific types of offering. lead generation

They are now able to give people less barriers and improve their experience. People are able to fill out a form, get in touch with someone and get the information they are looking for.  We also helped them add nurtured follow-ups where there is dynamic content that goes out to leads and gives them a view guide for the item they are interested in. 

We helped them develop a workflow that assigns team members to prospective clients and emails can be sent to the leads. This adds a personalized touch that results in increased conversions. 

Form and Landing Page Q&A

Question 1: Where should you present the form? Is there an ideal approach?

Something to keep in mind is that a majority of people, especially in the Western World read from left to right. Have your headline at the top but you also want the rest of the form to advertise itself. For the best results, keep the form on the side of the actual content you are trying to provide. You can also have the form somewhere at the top and include multiple buttons throughout the page that take people back up to the form. 

Question 2: Is diversifying fonts on the landing page a good idea? 

Our forms and landing page builder has six base fonts that you can use when producing content.  You can however expand these by importing the fonts you have access to. To create a continuous experience between your website and the landing page, try to use the same fonts so that your form and landing page can feel like an extension of your brand. 

When it comes to creating a landing page that converts, then Munro Marketing is the agency for you. We are a SharpSpring Platinum Agency dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between your sales and marketing efforts. Reach out to us today and request a trial of our form and landing page builder.