Sales Automation – The Fastest Way to Close Deals

Are you tired of getting slow results or poor ROI from your digital marketing efforts?

Every salesperson knows that closing a single deal could take several contacts with a particular prospect. It takes a lot of time to manage relationships with customers and communicate with them regularly to keep them happy and interested in your product or service.

If you keep trying to maximize sales all by yourself, you won’t make much progress. To compete effectively, you need a digital marketing expert that knows how to optimise your sales.

At Munro Agency, we always look for ways to improve your company’s sales automation process. We will take you through how you can optimise your sales using our sales optimisation tool.

What Is Sales Optimisation?

Sales optimisation is a technology we use at Munro Agency to help businesses not only improve their sales performance but also increase the rate at which they close sales.

This process involves maximizing the performance of your sales team by monitoring them closely, showing them ways to sell effectively, analyzing their interactions with prospects and customers, and automating their sales processes.

Introduction to Sales Optimiser

Sales Optimiser is a sales-based automation tool we use to streamline the sales strategy of our clients. We utilize this tool for automating the creation of tasks, opportunities, and actions depending on their stages in the opportunity pipeline.

One of its benefits is that it allows us to expand our efficiency by controlling the quality and flow of your sales process to increase close rates and improve revenue.

sales optimizer

The tool benefits both the marketing and sales sections of any company. It utilizes sales-based automation to achieve consistency in our sales and marketing efforts while reducing labor among our sales team.

Sales automation is involved in any software tool that helps facilitate or automate the manual tasks of a sales team. Its purpose is to manage a lot of mundane tasks that sales representatives spend their time on instead of actually selling.

Sales Optimiser opens up a whole array of automation purposes by using triggers from the marketing side and then converting them by leveraging opportunities.


sales optimizer

sales optimizer

How to Leverage Sales Automation?

Sales Optimiser, which is also available with marketing automation, is useful for administrators, company managers, marketing managers, sales managers, salespersons, and even junior salespersons.

It helps our team control and improve the quality of your sales communication by using its automation features. These features take care of most administrative tasks so that our sales team can invest more of their time in communicating with leads at different priority levels and successfully closing clients’ deals.

Our sales managers also use this suite of tools to monitor the performance of their salespersons through comprehensive reporting features. By having access to the communication between their salespersons and customers, sales managers can better guide their sales team to improve performance and increase close rates.

With this time-saving software, we can contact your prospects at the right time and also set up real-time notifications for their activities.

Major Features of Sales Optimiser

Sales Optimiser has a lot of user-friendly features that allow us at The Munro Agency to effectively manage the digital marketing of your company and help you to generate high-quality leads.

Here are some of Sales Optimiser’s major features:

Opportunity Workflow Builder

The Opportunity Workflow is an automation process that is created in the Visual Workflow Builder, which controls activities and movements of opportunities based on the interaction of users with your content.

sales optimizer

Using a rules-based list or well-configured visual workflow, we can automate the way an opportunity moves across a sales pipeline. Controlling where an opportunity drops in the pipeline and managing it there is easy. The process of moving opportunities through a pipeline triggers necessary action.

sales optimizer

The Opportunity Workflow allows us to create sales tasks, change opportunity fields, change opportunity stages, change opportunity statuses, assign opportunity owners, and remove them from opportunity workflow.

sales optimizer

With this feature, we can configure automations to schedule events whenever an opportunity’s parameter changes or when an opportunity moves through the pipeline to a different stage.

sales optimizer

Task Manager & Activity Feed

Sales Optimiser has a direct impact on sales activities. At a glance, we can view tasks and all other activities that were assigned to each salesperson on our team.

Task flow is seamless through the Task Manager of each salesperson. As the task flows, it displays a daily to-do list for every member of our team.

sales optimizer

Every prospect that opens an email or engages with your digital asset shows up on the Activity Feed in real-time. It is then moved to the top of the notification list and becomes highlighted if the lead owner needs to follow up.

sales optimizer

Task Report

A Task Report provides a simple-to-read breakdown of all the tasks created from automations to how the tasks are being completed or rescheduled within a particular time frame. The information provided by the Task Report can be displayed on either separate users or sales teams as a whole.

sales optimizer

It provides a very detailed report on how each salesperson is managing their prospects and how well they are adhering to the rules guiding the sales process.

Sales Tasks

This is another useful feature that increases accountability, and it is visible from a task report. It enables bilateral communication between our sales and marketing teams.

sales optimizer


Sales Optimiser User/Tasks help us at Munro Agency to assign specific tasks to members of our sales team with special skill sets. For example, we can include data on the proficiency levels of our salespersons in different languages.

This data becomes useful when a prospect encounters a landing page in one language and needs to communicate with our team using a different language. It becomes easy to identify the best salesperson for the task using the User/Tasks feature.

sales optimizer

Customer Reporting

With Customer Reporting, we can create widgets based on task creation and completion so that our managers and administrators can monitor the progress of their team members.

Sales Dialer

This feature is used to document calls. We schedule tasks and drop caller transcripts so that another team member can access this information easily. It is useful in training salespersons on specific keywords to use when making calls.

Chat Box

This interactive tool allows us to create and collect information so that we can create opportunities and see how well our marketing is doing. We can create or customize an opportunity at any stage of the pipeline.

Case Study

As a case study, we will be looking at one company’s use of this tool.

To this business, the Sales Optimiser’s value to end users is doing the mundane tasks that your sales teams may not have time to do. It is not a very complex tool, and it ensures productivity. It does not remove the need for human interaction or replace your sales team; rather, it helps handle mundane tasks in-house.

sales optimizer

This company uses Sales Optimiser to send automated emails and messages more consistently without having to create a new one each time.

Also, Sales Optimiser helps to create podcasts and task reminders. Sales managers can use Sales Optimiser data to see how salespersons are doing and monitor their productivity levels.

When they get the opportunities from the optimiser, they use it to track every document. They create another pipeline showing the stages of people’s engagements, for example, if they have registered for a demo. The company can then relate it with different prospects based on their engagement levels. The more data they have, the more flexible they are in working.

sales optimizer

With the Sales Optimiser, the company helps businesses see the bigger picture and achieve their goals.

Top 3 Sales Optimiser FAQ’s

Question 1: 

How would you handle movements through the pipelines with Sales Optimiser?


You can create actual opportunities and drop them into the pipeline, then move them within their own pipeline. It will not move the opportunity from one pipeline to another as pipelines give you the ability to customize some of the metadata surrounding them.

Also, with opportunity and workflow, you can prompt a new opportunity to move to another pipeline.

Question 2:

If you’re setting up a marketing qualified pipeline, what does it look like? Has Sales Optimiser expanded how you approach pipeline creation?


Yes, it has. It will help us to know whether or not we should create opportunities. With this tool, we can initiate any pipeline and monitor it until the last action.

Question 3:

Is it malleable?


Sales Optimiser gives us data from reports so that we can see opportunities in different stages and their value, tweak some processes, and make informed decisions.

So, What Should You Do Next?

Sales Optimiser is a great tool for any business that wants to have a more successful sales team. However, to get the best out of this marketing automation tool, partnering with The Munro Agency will be the key to your success.

Our digital marketing and lead generation agency is equipped with the best sales automation tool to help your business generate higher revenue and profit. Contact us today and get started with this tool.