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Social Media Marketing is a ‘must do’ for businesses. With 91% of adults using at least one social media site regularly, it’s an essential medium to learn more about your audience demographic, to expand this audience and find potential new customers.

We focus on creative, innovative and effective Social Media solutions. From listening and monitoring to full social engagement, we will create and manage a strategy that works for your brand. All social media campaigns start from a strategy and deep understanding of business goals. Our team work closely with you to research your industry, target market and competitors in order to match the most effective social media tools for you.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. If you use it correctly, you can create a strong personal connection with your prospective customers.To benefit from social media, you need to build a clear strategy that takes into account what you’re trying to achieve, who your customers are and what your competition is doing. At The Munro Agency we will help you develop a concise strategy that will work with your business and ensure your Social Media activity delivers. Some of the activities we will employ to help you and your company develop a solid strategy are:

  • understand your goals
  • create measurable objectives
  • characterise your customers
  • analyse the competition
  • develop your messages
  • build a content plan
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Our social media management will enable your company to reach thousands of potential new customers online. Our objective-orientated service ensures that every action we take brings you one step closer to your goals and achieving smile-inducing results.

With our social media management services, we tailor your management package and ensure that you are ahead of your competitors with new concepts that will grow your customer base rapidly whilst having a very positive impact on your SEO.

Creating Engaging Content

Once you understand what is being said about your brand, and who is saying it, you can begin to devise strategies to engage and influence the audience. The Munro Agency can create your social platform, from design and reporting insight to managing your social voice.

Hiring experts enables you to pinpoint the type of content that will unlock the door to your desired results. Our carefully sculpted, SEO optimised and fastidiously distributed content ensures we achieve your objectives.

ocial Mediaa Creating Engaging Content
Social Media Reporting

Social Media Reporting

We will help you listen to conversations relevant to your brand, your products, your competitors and your sector.

We will detail your reports in a way that makes sense to your business—take a high or low level view across networks or specific profiles. So you will quickly get a feel for Page impressions, Fan growth and how your Facebook content is performing with intuitive, interactive reports.

View aggregate or individual post stats for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ content all in one place, including clicks, reach and engagement. Stay up to date on your engagement with weekly summary reports of activity across all your social properties.


We help you to understand the impact that social media is having on your organisation, your brand and your sector. The Munro Agency can help you develop the tools you need to understand, manage and succeed at Social Media. We offer the following consultancy services:

  • audits
  • social media strategy
  • content planning
  • social media policy
  • company training
  • online communities
  • social customer service strategy
  • community management

Whether you are looking to manage your social media channels yourself and need training, a setup service or are looking to outsource the entire operation, we offer a solution to generate a positive return on your investment.

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Free Social Media Strategy Template

Download our free social media strategy guide to get you started. Whether you are just starting off in your company or need help overhauling your existing efforts, this guide will act as a great foundation.

Free Social Media Strategy Template

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