Many people draw a blank expression when we talk about marketing automation to them. So we thought we would put together a more detailed guide as well as showing you some very specific functions, real world applications and benefits to your business. When you first dive into marketing automation, it’s easy to become paralysed by the possibilities. The Munro Agency offers powerful tools that yield powerful results for your business. But where do you begin?
This is a quick guide for exploring and inspiring marketing automation strategies. We will build a foundation of ideas and tactics to get you started. We will highlight best practices currently used by our customers, and we will link these concepts to examples of how they can be implemented using our systems.

While we will showcase numerous ideas in this quick guide, marketing automation is only limited by your imagination. We want to be the spark plug in your imagination engine. Don’t limit yourself to our ideas; go beyond our strategies and write the next chapter in marketing automation.

How This Guide is Organised

This guide is divided into three sections with escalating levels of sophistication:

  1. Introduction basic marketing automation tactics with universal value for nearly all businesses as they begin to adopt marketing automation.
  2. Advanced tactics Begin using marketing automation to formulate high-value solutions that are specific to an individual business’s needs and situation.
  3. Creating Powerful Solutions – Explore general strategies that build upon the tactics you have learned to further drive leads, convert leads to sales and prove ROI.

These are general suggestions. If you need a specific tactic, don’t be afraid to jump ahead to a more advanced section for guidance, and if you need assistance, our account managers are always happy to help.

The power of marketing automation is rooted in an ability to tailor a specific solution for a business based on the business’s unique sales model, marketing funnel, products and/or services sold and the unique behaviors of each lead. Due to the very nature of marketing automation, the tactics and strategies in this guide are increasingly conceptual in the subsections. Our role is to develop ways to adapt these strategies to the unique circumstances of your business.

For the purposes of this guide, we are loosely defining B2B and B2C to correlate with high involvement and low involvement sales cycles.


B2B strategies in this guide are based on high- involvement purchases of more expensive products or services. These businesses are characterised by high-value transaction and typically involve longer sales cycles. Generally, each lead is more expensive to obtain and each transaction is more valuable to the business. Leads considering more information prior to the purchase extend the sales cycle.

With notifications, email automations and dynamic lists, marketing automation allows these businesses to convert more leads to sales while also shortening the sales cycle.


When we discuss B2C businesses, we are generally referring to businesses with less expensive and/or low-involvement purchases. These businesses typically involve a much higher number of leads/sales and lower revenue per transaction. Because these transactions are lower value and less risk, the sales cycles happen more quickly and generally don’t involve a sales team.

In high lead frequency businesses, marketing automation helps build a personal relationship – via automation and segmentation – with each customer and deliver messages tailored to their unique needs.

Regardless of whether your business is categorically defined as B2B or B2C, there is tremendous value in reviewing both parts. In this guide, we use the B2B and B2C categories as a method of organising general strategies. However, you should not limit yourself to these conventions; instead, you should consider ideas from both parts that apply to your client’s unique situation

Section 1 – Introduction

This section includes a few simple examples and features to give you a basic understanding of how we can benefit your business.

Basic Notifications

Visitor ID

Right from the start, we can triple the leads we provide to your business. VisitorID will identify visitors in the 98% of traffic that doesn’t fill out a form. These leads can then be reported to all the key contacts in your business.

On a daily basis, The Munro Agency will send you a list of new leads. This is a great way to for you to see the value of marketing automation. You will be able to see existing leads, their corresponding scores as well as new potential leads and site visitors.

Notify Form Submissions

Studies show that following up with a prospective customer within the first hour increases your likelihood of converting him or her into a lead by 700%. This underscores the importance of recognising when prospects are trying to connect with your business.

Set up automatic notifications for your sales team so they don’t waste a minute filling the top of the funnel.

Notify Web and Email Clicks

Timing is everything. The right message at the right time can close a deal. Empower your sales team with the ability to immediately know when a lead is researching your business. That means getting notified if a hot prospect has returned to your website or looked at a particular resource you have sent them.

Basic Automations

Thank You Automations

The power of marketing automation is the ability to seamlessly build relationships with each lead and customer. Gratitude is an important aspect of forging a strong bond. Set-up thank you emails based on behaviours such as filling out a form, visiting from an important email or making a purchase.

Build Your First Drip Email Campaign

The majority of leads that visit your site are not “sales ready.” The key to maximising your conversion process is to nurture leads via targeted communication as they move through the funnel – eventually becoming sales ready. This is the purpose of a drip email campaign.

A drip email campaign is a series of emails sent automatically over time with information about the products or services that the lead is interested in. Drip email campaigns are used for the purpose of keeping leads at the top of your sales funnel engaged with your company and moving them further along the funnel. Pick a product and get going!

Basic Segmentations

Build Your First Lead Scoring Model

Lead scoring is numerical value used to measure the engagement and/or “sales readiness” of an individual lead. Leads with high lead scores can be automatically passed to your sales team to engage in the sales process. Leads with low lead scores need to be nurtured with drip campaigns, case studies and other sales tactics until they are sales ready

The Munro Agency will help you set an initial lead scoring model which can be recalibrated at any point.

Build Your First Dynamic List B2B

Dynamic lists are used to segment customers based on their behaviors, demographics and interests. They are “dynamic” because they are automatically kept up to date in real time via our automation platform. As new leads meet a dynamic lists criteria, they are automatically added to the list.

Like the lead scoring model, dynamic lists can be created and recreated, so don’t be afraid to start tinkering. Consider setting up a dynamic list of leads who, based on web tracking, appear to be interested in one or more of your products or service.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Set up Your Deal Stages

Build your pipeline to reflect your sales funnel. A typical sales pipeline might include stages such as Initial Discovery, Needs Analysis, Demonstration and Price Negotiation, etc.

The Munro Agency will help you setup your deal stages to reflect your unique sales cycle. This setup can include Custom Fields Relevant to Your Sales Process

Custom fields can be anything you would like to record in the lead record. Typical custom fields include product interests, revenue, competitor experiences, etc.

Set up Smart Email Templates for Sales

With our system, Smart Emails are trackable, so your sales team will know when Smart Emails have been delivered, opened and clicked. The sales team will have an opportunity to edit the templates before sending, and Smart Emails can be scheduled for future delivery. There are a few basic smart email templates we recommend including:

  • Thanks for contacting us
  • Hey you told me to contact you later
  • Invite to Social Media
  • Blank Template

Check Out Social Notes

Most sales processes require a lead to interact with more than one person in your organisation. Social notes allow your team to communicate important details about the lead as the relationship is transitioned through your organisation. If you have a member of the sales team qualifying the leads, details from his or her conversation can be passed with Social Notes to the sales representative to enhances the pitch.

Section 2 – Advanced tactics

Now that you have some basic knowledge of marketing automation, lets build some momentum with more advanced features and examples.. These strategies can take your lead generation and sales to the next level.

Advanced Notifications

Notify Lead Score

As discussed in the previous section, lead scoring is a great way to quantify the position of your leads in the sales cycle. With notifications trigged by lead scores, you can alert your sales team to leads moving through the funnel. If a lead has earned a high lead score, he or she is ready to buy. Notify your sales team to pick up the phone and close the deal!

Notify Returning Visits

Making sure your sales team knows when an important lead comes back to the site can be the difference between losing and winning a deal. The Munro Agency will help you set up to send alerts in such a way that when a lead you are currently working returns to your website the sales team can make that “well-timed” phone call.

Advanced Automations

Targeted Drip Email Campaigns

In the first section of this guide, you learned about email drip campaigns. Consider how you could be using these tactics to create drip campaigns for each of your customer segments. Typically speaking, segmenting your pipeline into individual customer segments and addressing each with a specific drip campaign will lead to higher conversions and more revenue.

Hot-Lead Burst Campaigns

With our lead scoring model, you can identify leads that are closer to making a purchase. These “sales-ready” leads can be converted to sales with frequently delivered messages geared towards encouraging a purchase.

Burst campaigns are different from drip campaigns. Drip campaigns are intended to be periodic and informative. The objective is to maintain brand awareness with your young leads. On the other hand, burst campaigns drive sales by focusing on social proof (testimonials), credibility (3rd party reviews) and purchasing incentives (promotional discounts). These messages are more frequent and help close a sale.

Example: Replicating The Experience. 
Your drip campaigns can also be used to send helpful emails recommending products or services similar to previous purchases. These emails could replicate’s recommendation engine experience. For instance, a dynamic list of leads that purchased or showed interest in three products could receive emails about a fourth product commonly purchased with the three other products.

Automate Confirmation and Appointment Reminders

If each transaction is worth a lot of money, missing an appointment can be devastating for a business. Not only will confirmation and appointment reminders be a courteous gesture, they can improve attendance rates and drive sales.

Advanced Segmentations

Segment By Demographics

By having leads fill out forms for gated content or webinars, you can collect more details about who they are and segment leads based on this demographic information.

Segment By Products

Emails that speak to specific interests will drive more engagement and build stronger relationships. Take advantage of a dynamic list’s ability to organise your leads around the product pages they visit.

Segment By Lead Scores

When you create dynamic lists of leads based on lead scores, you can measure how many leads you currently have in each stage of the marketing funnel. This will allow you to see how many leads are ready to buy and how many new leads are just starting the research process. An up-to-date view of your marketing funnel allows you and your sales team to communicate accordingly.

Advanced Analytics

Track Your Webinars Using Dynamic Forms

We offer excellent integration with WebEX and GoToWebinar. The integration allows you to use a our forms to capture leads and track behaviour without interrupting the webinar platform.

Measure & Optimize PPC

Track your PPC campaigns to identify the keywords that close deals and stop wasting money on the keywords that don’t deliver. Build a list of negative keywords for your campaign to avoid, or start identifying long-tail keywords to optimize your campaign.

Measure Email Campaigns

Email marketing is still the king of digital marketing. Carefully tracking your open rates and click-through rates will help you refine and improve your subject lines, messages and calls to action.

Measure Specific Engagements

Keeping track of certain behaviors can help you gauge the success of different tactics. For instance, when hosting a webinar, you can set up lists to keep track of who registers to attend and who actually attended. Or to help track behaviour, understand what content is driving leads and converting sales.

Section 3 – Creating Powerful Solutions

Marketing automation is no longer a mystery. You should think about this section as combining the various tactics you learned about earlier in the guide to create new, more powerful solutions. It’s no longer about segmenting based on demographics or behaviours or using dynamic lists or notifications. Instead, it’s about combining all of these tactics to create incredibly personalised, engaging and effective solutions that drive more revenue and increase your marketing ROI.

Expert Notifications

Notify Specific Products Interest

The best purchasing experiences are tailored to our unique needs and interest. The sales team can be notified when a lead visits a specific product or service page, so the sales team can adjust their pitch around the product and build urgency for the lead’s specific needs.

Notify High-Value Behaviors and Form Submissions

Forms fields and web tracking can be used to instantly qualify leads. When a lead completes a form and/or behaves in a way that says “I’m the perfect customer,” you can send a notification to your sales team for immediate communication.

Notify Referral and Upsell Reminders

Businesses live and die on referrals and upsells. Unfortunately, the demands on the average sale rep can interfere with requesting referrals and upsell pitching. Help the sales team out and remind them with a notification after a set duration of time has passed since the deal closed.

Expert Automations

Automate Your Social Invites and Interactions

The success of your social marketing strategy is directly related to the footprint and reach of your social network. Use Munro’s automation to connect all your high- value leads, customers and contacts to each of your social networks.

Automate Customer Feedback

Throughout your sales and customer lifecycle, consider automating the delivery of surveys to capture valuable insights about how your leads and customers feel about their experience. You can set this automation up once and collect actionable data forever.

Automate Referral System

Once the deal is closed, you have created an advocate for your company. Setting up an automated email to solicit referrals is a cost effective way to generate high quality leads. You can also notify your sales team to reach out for leads, and you can automate emails to solicit referrals at regular intervals, like once a quarter.

Expert Segmentations

Practice Segmentation Jujitsu

You’re becoming a pro. Use Dynamic Lists to slice and dice your data – discovering valuable insights.

  • Are the customers who are interested in product 1 also interested in product 2?
  • If a customer downloads a white paper, are they more likely to purchase a product?
  • Are leads from a specific geography more likely to buy?
  • What is the most valuable content (ebooks, white papers, case studies) to the sales process? Can that content be made more prominent on the site to drive more leads?

Expert Analytics

Dive into Campaigns

The Munro Agency gives you the tools to track anything and everything from a marketing perspective, so that you know what is working and what isn’t. Use this knowledge to eliminate what is not working and double down on the tactics that are working – driving more leads back into the top of the funnel.

Our comprehensive set of analytics tools allows you to track every lead that enters a business via UTM codes/ referrer IDs, dedicated landing pages and the “How did you hear about us?” question. Uses these tools to optimize your marketing spend across your entire funnel.

The Munro Agency allows you to review your data through the prism of closed-loop analytics. This means looking at all the deals that have closed and attributing them to the sales and marketing tactics that lead to the revenue. By looking at your data from the perspective of all the closed deals, you can gain insights on campaigns that are wasting money.

For instance, you might have a campaign that generates 100 leads at a cost per lead of £5, but if only one of those leads becomes a deal, your acquisition cost is £500 for that campaign. Compare this campaign with a campaign that generates 20 leads at a cost per lead of £10. At first, this might seem to be a less efficient campaign, but if half of these leads become deals, your cost per acquisition with this campaign is £20 – a fraction of the former campaign. Closed-loop analytics means sitting down to carefully calculate your campaign’s impact on the bottom line. By the way, we have clients working in Pounds (£), Dollars ($) and Euros (€), all of them are easily adjustable in the system and subsequent reporting.


Your business needs to see the progress you are making. Export the data you are collecting from your marketing campaigns and share the reports via email. Easily, timely and in a way that helps you plan your next profitable marketing automation campaign.

The conclusion of this guide is really just the beginning of your journey. There are limitations to simply applying our ideas. The magic of marketing automation deserves your creativity. There is so much opportunity to build webs of workflows and dynamics lists that replicate a person-to-person experience.

The Munro Agency is building a library of resources and tools to help you continue your quest. These resources include tools for selling products and services as well as strategies for your campaigns and technical support.


If you would like a demo or even a free no obligation trial then do get in touch. We are a friendly bunch and love talking about your business.

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