Sales Optimiser – Our Sales Automation Tool

Let’s start by looking at what exactly the sales optimiser is..

The sales optimiser is a form of sales based automation that is offered by Munro Agency. It is a tool that makes it possible for sales teams to automate their tasks, actions, and opportunities on the basis of opportunity pipeline stages. You get to reach out to your leads with real-time notifications right when it counts the most. In the long run, this helps you save on time and costs, and also close more deals.

This tool also takes care of the time-consuming repetitive tasks in the sales process. You also get a compliance report showing you the tasks that are being automated. It shows you which ones have been completed and which ones have been rescheduled.

The two halves..

The tool is aesthetically separated into two halves, which include the sales section and the marketing section. Inside the platform are different feature sets for both of these sections. 

The marketing side primarily has features that facilitate the concept of one-to-many, such as email sending and side tracking. It identifies how people are connecting with you, which allows you to create and implement a marketing strategy that will make it possible for you to identify people that you should be pursuing more personally.  

The sales side has a more intimate approach, where the functionality is powered manually to create intimate relationships. The focus is on individuals that are already connected. You can create opportunities, set them up inside a pipeline and then make the progression happen.

The aim of this kind of structure is to create accountability in the sales funnel. You are looking to have customers get access to all the information that they may need and to push the relationship forward. The sales optimiser allows you to leverage on tools that assist you to move through the progression easily.  

Sales Optimiser Benefits

The sales optimiser allows you to attain consistency. It helps you ensure that every salesperson follows best practices for conversion through relevant, timely and consistent communication with leads. Marketing automation makes it possible for you to provide the same experience for anyone who engages with your content. 

You never know when engagement is going to happen. It could be in the middle of the night or on the weekend, and you need to be able to give your audience what they need either way. You are able to capitalize on all your opportunities for lead engagement. Having marketing automation running will also help you provide quality experience for each person, whether they are the only client you are handing, or they are part of a group of multiple clients that you are working with. 

With automation, you want to be as efficient as possible. You will be able to create a streamlined and effective sales process by leveraging tasks through each part of the process. Automation ensures that you are connected to what you need to do. It also opens up an analytical component where you can plug into what the production level of your internal team looks like. 

A/B testing should be applied to every component of your environment and our tool makes this possible, since you can objectively look at whether you are attaining the objective that you were aiming for. 

You need to understand how Sales Optimiser works from a structural standpoint to be able to provide benefit to your baseline. The Sales Optimiser has triggers that are linked directly to sales interactions. It focuses on marketing engagement, but you can also make use of sales engagement to power your marketing strategy. 

The benefits of the Sales Optimiser can be summed up into three points. You get to:

  • Implement a uniform, streamlined sales process by setting automated tasks
  • Control the quality and cadence of your sales communications with pre-curated content
  • Free up you sales team by autonating admin work

Sales Optimiser Workflow Features 

The Sales Activity Feed

The sales Optimiser has a direct impact on your sales activities. The activity feed on our platform provides an overview of all activities that have been assigned to a user. You can set your activities to notify users on specific tasks, as well as create new tasks on the Sales Optimiser.  This makes it possible for you to contact your leads when it counts the most. Let’s say that you have a particular automation that has been set up for interaction. When a lead engages with the content,  the user will get a real-time notification and a task associated with the lead.

sales activity feed

The Visual Workflow Builder 

Is your marketing team struggling  to meet their sales goals? Or maybe each person in the sales team is implementing their own process causing the arm to get mixed up? Then what you need is our visual workflow builder. This is a feature in the Sales Optimiser  that allows you to create and implement your sales process in a manner that will drive results.

Our visual workflow builder is a tool that helps you outline each step of your sales process and the steps that your team will need to follow from the opportunity stage all the way until a sale is made. It ensures makes it possible to create tasks and actions that move opportunities through the pipeline, giving you control of the sales process.

Through the workflow builder,  you can delegate tasks that need to be done and automate actions like moving a deal to a new stage in the pipeline.  Marketing automation will make it possible for your leads to stay engaged in each step, ensuring that there are no gaps in communication.

The Sales Optimiser Tasks Report 

The Sales Optimiser can provide you with a report of the number of automated tasks you have going on. You get to see which automated tasks are in progress as well as those that have been completed.  You also get to see the tasks which have been rescheduled for a specific timeframe. To access the Sales Optimiser Tasks Report, go to the top toolbar of the Sales Optimiser page. Click on ‘Sales’ then ‘Reports’ and finally on ‘Sales Optimiser tasks’. From here, you can access all your task reports.

In-App Walkthrough 

Here is a look at the solution that our customers get access to. We have a suite of marketing automation tools to help businesses get a hold os sales optimisation quickly and efficiently. If you would like to get a demo of our software, please get in touch. When you log on to the application, you can see where there is a progression from the marketing to the sales side. 

sales optimiser

The Visual Workflow Builder

When you get to the workflow builder, there are some new features, such as the ‘Opportunity’ feature. It allows you to take information that occurs at the opportunity level unlike previously where you could only have lead action fields. It also allows you to base actions on the actual opportunity base. 


sales optimiser


The ‘opportunity’ feature has options that include opportunities to a particular field, opportunities that are assigned to an owner, opportunities that have a contact added, those that have a status and those that have a stage. The stage one really allows you to control the sales process every step of the way, where you can send an email out when an opportunity moves to a different stage. 

There are also a couple of new actions under the ‘Sales Optimiser’ section which include ‘create new opportunity’ and ‘create sales task.’ You can automatically create opportunities out of any of the marketing triggers available in the marketing engine. Under the opportunity settings, you can choose where the opportunity will be set in the pipeline and at what stage. The opportunity close date will affect how the opportunity is managed within the pipeline.  


sales optimiser


Under sales tasks, you can create tasks directly out of triggers. You can create the opportunities automatically, but if you want to notify someone on your sales team to have a look at it, you can add the person as the assignee. You can also add a title for it and a due date.


sales optimiser

Here is a look at an example of a workflow visual for a Pizza business. When an order comes in for a pizza, it will go through filters based on the toppings. Once it goes through the filters it moves to the next stage of the pipeline where an action is taken. In our case, the action is that people are added to a list based on their topping selection and an order confirmation email is sent to them. 

sales optimiser

sales optimiser


The Opportunity Workflow Builder 

There is another type of automation known as an opportunity workflow builder within the sales optimiser. You have the option to create either an opportunity workflow or a visual workflow for use in your sales pipeline. 

Whereas the visual workflow creates the sales process out of the marketing processes, the opportunity workflow is going to control the movement of the opportunities. The triggers are similar to what you have in the visual workflow but when it comes to the actions, you have the ability to manipulate the various options in any way that you would like. 

The two workflow builders look similar in terms of the pipeline structure. You can create sales tasks that are related to the opportunity, update opportunity fields, move opportunities through stages in the pipeline, change your status and you can also remove an opportunity from your workflow. 


sales optimiser


You also get to generate a report from the tasks that are available in the automation. The report gives you a breakdown of all the tasks that have been created in your automations. You can see the tasks that are due, the completed ones, those that have been completed on time, as well as those that have been deleted. If you want an in depth report that has more details, you can access it by creating custom reports. 


sales optimiser


You can also view task information in the launchpad. You can see all your ongoing tasks under the task manager, as well as the due date and who the task is assigned to. The opportunity workflow builder offers a range of functionalities that makes your work much easier. 

Case Study

The sales optimiser really brings value to both the clients and your bottom line. Just like every other company, this business always had mundane tasks that were taking up unnecessary time which could have been used to carry out more productive tasks. 

The sales optimiser made it easy for them to follow up on leads in a simple and effective manner. It also helped them keep track of tasks that were going on over long periods of time as well as stay consistent in every step of the way. 

Many businesses have sales teams but there is always the need to streamline the sales process. The sales optimizer allows you to manage your sales process and you are able to keep track of the tasks assigned to each person of the team. 

You are also able to save a lot of money when it comes to lead generation and marketing because the automation does most of the groundwork for you, for example when it comes to follow ups. The sales optimiser will secure the missing loop in your sales agenda by ensuring that you do not miss any opportunities to get a conversion.  

The value that comes from the Sales Optimiser include;

  • Improves productivity of the sales team
  • Provides accountability 
  • Eliminates tedious manual tasks
  • Creates a scalable platform to nurture leads
  • Stabilises ROI reporting 


sales optimiser


When doing remarketing, this company tracks all their outgoing content through the tracking measures in our automation platform. You get to see which parts of the pipeline have the highest engagement and in which areas you need to increase activity.  You can make use of the custom reports to get more data that you can utilize to make your marketing efforts more effective.  

sales optimiser

Tips to Fortify your Sales Funnel with Sales Optimiser 

Streamline Task Management 

When it comes to one-on-one engagement,  you need to have a more personal touch. Having to do the email or phone call  follow-ups manually leaves a lot of room for an opportunity to slip through the cracks. Sales Optimiser makes sure that your opportunities and leads are managed in a proper manner. The tool allows you to autogenerate follow up tasks which ensures that there is consistency all through. The good thing about this tool is that whenever a lead interacts with your content, a task is created that goes to the top of the list for your team to handle.

Manage your message

An opportunity workflow helps you control the movement of opportunities within your sales funnel. It allows you to have control over the media center assets and emails your team is sending out. You can link an email template to every auto-assigned sales task to each member of your team. The email template or content will have to be relevant to the lead’s stage in the buyer’s journey. The email template will appear with the task notification for the follow up activity.

Ultimately,  you are able to control the sales process by streamlining the messages that you are conveying to your leads. Though the template will be the same for every member of the team, each person can still add their own personal touch to the content they are sending out. They can do this by accessing the Task Manager and customising the email using the email editor.

Keep your team accountable

You need to keep your team on track when it comes to carrying out tasks in the sales process. The task reports will be able to give you insight on which tasks are being done and which ones are being rescheduled to a different time. You see the tasks that were completed,  those that are overdue and those that did not follow the correct process. You need to make sure that everyone is following the set process to have everything go according to plan. If there are any gaps in the process, make sure you identify them and fill them up.

Capitalize on hot lead engagement 

Your leads will not all be on the same level. For this reason,  you will have to prioritize some over others when you are reaching out. You can see leads that have tasks associated with them on the Activity Feed within the Sales Optimiser. You can also see which leads are engaging with your content and what exactly hey are interacting with,  which allows you to respond to them more accurately based on their stage in the buyer’s journey.


1. How would you handle movement between pipelines within the sales optimiser?

In the sales optimiser, you get to create opportunities for each pipeline. You can move them within their own pipeline but you can’t move them from one pipeline to another. Pipelines give you the ability to customize some of the metadata surrounding them. Different pipelines can have different opportunities. You can however create workflow where, when an opportunity gets to a particular stage then a trigger or action occurs which will spin up an opportunity in a different pipeline. This means that one pipeline can pick up from where a previous pipeline left off. 


2. What does setting up a marketing qualified pipeline look like when you are using the sales optimiser? 

You can build an opportunity and track how far each of the leads go in the pipeline. You do not want to overwhelm the pipeline with many opportunities that are not necessary, but having a number of opportunities allow you to collect data that you can use to improve your marketing strategy.  You can initiate your pipeline right off the bat by adding an opportunity in the sales optimizer that gets triggers from any initial engagement.  


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